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Ethernet Disk mini USB update
Posted: May 11, 2006
Important! Before running the updater please make a copy of your data on another drive or medium.
Your data may be erased during the update process.

  1. Please download and install this application on your machine to get the latest functionality.

  2. Power down the Ethernet Disk mini and disconnect the network cable.

  3. Connect your Ethernet Disk mini through USB and start the updater.

  4. In the dialogue window that opens, select the Ethernet Disk mini and click on the button “Update now”.

  5. Click on the button “Reset settings”.

Last upgrades:
- Ability to create multiple shares
- Linux and Mac Intel compatibility through USB.
For more details, please refer to the User Manual

Only for the Ethernet Disk mini!

- Software package version – 2.0
- Software version: LaCix – 1.3.4
- Operating system: Linux Embedded - 2.4.25-lacie6
- USB EDmini LogOn version: 1.07 for Windows/ 1.12 for Mac OS/1.1 for Linux

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