710449/800040: 57W-12/3A +5V/4.2A

d2 v1, Big Disk v1, Brick, Golden Disk

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4-pin connector

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must only operate your drive using the corresponding power supply stated above. Using a power supply that was not intended for use with your drive could result in damage to the device and will void your warranty.

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Power :  DC Output: 12V(3A) / 5V (4,2A);
AC Input: 110V / 220V
For Use With These Products :  LaCie Bigger Disk
LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive
LaCie d2 Big Disk v.1
LaCie d2 Blu-Ray drive v.1
LaCie d2 DVD+/- RW drive v.1
LaCie d2 Ethernet Big Disk
LaCie d2 Ethernet Disk Mini
LaCie d2 Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition
LaCie d2 Hard Drive v.1
LaCie d2 Safe Hard Drive
LaCie Golden Disk
LaCie Hard Drive - Design by F.A. Porsche v.2
LaCie HUB (USB/FW) v.1
LaCie Mini HDD & Hub USB/FW
LaCie Safe Hard Disk

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