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LaCie Introduces Version 4 of Blue Eye Pro Single-Click Hardware Calibration Solution

July 18, 2006

LaCie today introduced version 4 of its blue eye pro calibration software for Mac/PC. It produces an advanced ICC Profile that ensures color consistency throughout the workflow with new features for more precise control. LaCie delivers blue eye pro v4 software with each color-accurate LaCie 300 Series Monitor, as well as LaCie blue eye pro colorimeters. For graphics professionals who are serious about color rendering this comprehensive calibration solution enables the right colors in a single click.

LaCie Product Manager Daniel Mayer said, “LaCie developed new advanced features for our calibration software in response to requests from our loyal color customers. Not only is the blue eye pro calibration solution easy to set up and use, but now you can manually tweak settings to get exactly the colors you want. And our 300 Series Monitors are perfect for displaying those colors accurately.”

New LaCie blue eye pro v4 features include manual FineTune enabling more precise white point adjustments, and Reference Profile Calibration enabling close matching of two monitors to the same profile. The Test & Report function lets users quickly verify accuracy of the current calibration to determine whether calibration is necessary. Detailed reports contain descriptions of the monitor’s gamut and accuracy quantified in DeltaE values, and can now be saved as a PDF, HTML or plain text.

Among other favorite features are Colorimetric Environment Switching enabling users to switch colorimetric settings without having to recalibrate. Ambient Light Analysis determines lighting characteristics of the working environment and compares them to ISO-recommended conditions for color work.

When used together, LaCie 300 Series Monitors and blue eye pro v4 software offer a completely integrated calibration solution. 300 Series Monitors are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding color professionals and include industry-leading IPS panels that are individually adjusted at the factory to provide enhanced uniformity of brightness and chromaticity. Each monitor has a CRT-grade gamut and 12-bit gamma correction to optimize gradient display. LaCie 300 Series Monitors include a 19-, 20- and 21-inch panel to fit any work environment. Users can count on LaCie 300 Series Monitors to offer reliable color.


The LaCie blue eye pro v4 software is delivered with blue eye pro colorimeters and all 300 Series Monitors, available immediately at the retail prices below. More information can be found at

SKU 108512 LaCie blue eye pro $349
SKU 130732 LaCie 319 Monitor $999 (+ LaCie blue eye pro colorimeter $1249)
SKU 130734 LaCie 320 Monitor $1399 (+ LaCie blue eye pro colorimeter $1649)
SKU 130736 LaCie 321 Monitor $1799 (+ LaCie blue eye pro colorimeter $2049)

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