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LaCie Introduces All In One Hard Drive and Hub for Apple Mac mini

January 4, 2006

LaCie today introduces an all-in-one storage solution designed to expand use of the Apple® Mac® mini: it’s the new LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub with enough storage space (up to 500GB) to accommodate a growing collection of videos, music files or images, and enough powered FireWire 400 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports to accommodate a variety of additional peripherals such as printers, digital or video cameras, or additional LaCie hard drives. It’s the ideal sidekick to a Mac mini with its matching brushed aluminum casing and identical form factor. While Apple’s® iLife® ‘05 helps people manage their multimedia files, LaCie’s mini Hard Drive & Hub gives users the freedom to expand their multimedia libraries.

“More and more people are using their Mac minis as a media center device in the living room,” says Olivier Mirloup, LaCie Senior Product Manager. “Our LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub is a perfect way to expand your multimedia collection for playback on a regular TV set through the Mac mini’s DVI out. Therefore the Mac mini/LaCie mini combo can become a handy library of home movies, music and images available right in your living room—all in a stylish, matching set. And you can continue to stack additional LaCie mini hard drives underneath to add more storage when you need it.”

As a hard drive, users can choose to connect to their Mac mini via FireWire or USB. Included LaCie 1-Click Backup Software can be used to back up important documents in a single click, or more advanced LaCie SilverKeeper Backup Software can be used to automate backups or create different backup strategies (both for Mac OS X). LaCie mini can also be used to transport files to another computer, or store up to 500GB of data. If full capacity is reached, simply stack another LaCie mini underneath for an instant boost in storage.

As a hub, LaCie mini offers two additional powered FireWire 400/iLink/DV ports, and four additional powered USB 2.0 ports for endless expansion possibilities. Users can connect a variety of peripherals such as printers, digital or video cameras, Apple® iPods®, and much more.

LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub fits neatly underneath the Mac mini with a unique four-cornered crown designed for a natural cooling airflow to move between itself and Mac mini. This helps keep both drives safe while in operating mode and thus prolongs the life of both drives. LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hubs offer convenient plug-and-play operation and no drivers are required for use with Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP. The 250GB model is fanless while larger capacity models (300/400/500GB) include a thermo-regulated smart fan for maximum reliability and the quietest operation.


LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub is immediately available for pre-order via the LaCie Store online ( and widely available via LaCie’s specialized dealer network in the second quarter of calendar year 2006 at the suggested retail prices below. For more information, visit

LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub 250GB $199.99
LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub 300GB $229.99
LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub 400GB $369.99
LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub 500GB $429.99

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