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LaCie Unveils Biggest S1S: Four-Disk RAID System With SATA Speed

September 12, 2005

LaCie today unveils a new mid-range RAID solution called the Biggest S1S. It’s a four-disk array with maximum capacities of 1TB (4x 250GB drives) or 2TB (4x 500GB drives) and throughput of 80MB/s via the fast SATA I host interface. Simple controls allow users to easily choose from a variety of RAID levels for safe and fast data storage. With this combination of RAID security and SATA speed, the Biggest S1S is ideal for protecting large files and databases, audio/video editing, animation, and digital imaging.

“A RAID subsystem is the easiest way to back up data securely,” says Emanuela Boila, LaCie Product Manager. “LaCie makes it easy for those who haven’t used RAID before. Our new Biggest S1S has simple controls that let you decide how secure you want your backup to be, and the new SATA interface ensures that backups are done quickly. It’s a mid-range solution that sits between our Biggest F800 for small office/home office and Biggest S2S for professional use.”

RAID hardware technology is becoming increasingly popular because it’s both safe and fast. Biggest S1S includes a hardware RAID controller, which is more reliable as compared with software RAID controllers that are weighed down by the bus. To achieve even faster transfer rates and add extra storage, users may attach additional Biggest S1S units.

Biggest S1S can be easily configured to RAID 0 in which disks are striped together for best performance without redundancy; RAID 0+1, which is a combination of striping for speed and mirroring for redundancy; RAID 5, which stripes both data and parity information across all four drives for best fault tolerance; or RAID 5+hot spare, which serves the same function as RAID 5 but leaves one disk empty in order to automatically rebuild data if one of the drives should fail. Spare drive+drawers can be purchased from LaCie for additional security.


LaCie Biggest S1S is available today at the LaCie Store online ( and will be widely available through LaCie’s specialized dealer network later this month for $1699 (1TB) and $3199 (2TB) MSRP. Detailed product information can be found at

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1TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5–10% less).

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